Freedom of Mobility

Prior to the launch of Superb Grip, an innovative footwear retailer, we created video and images for their website and their advertising campaign.

The project consisted of three parts, a brand video, a more informational video on the product and various product images for the website. The videos were cut in different versions to be used for marketing in social media with advertising messages and call-to-action.


  • Brand video
  • Product centered video
  • Product images

What we did

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Design

Brand video

An inspiring video to show the benefits and versatility of the product. The goal is for the viewer to associate the product with freedom. The viewer should know the possibilities with the product that allows them to take a run in the middle of the winter, go out for walks in icy areas or to simply get to the store without falling.

In the coloring phase we decided on a combination of metallic blue tones and fiery tones of orange where the cold spectrum of blue tones dominated. The coloring was used throughout the production.

For the choice of music we started with a dynamic song with epic tones that we later cut and mixed into a special edit to strengthen and better suit the video.

Your favorite pair of shoes – presented by Superb Grip

Our idea was to make the video in a way that it partly informed about how the product is mounted but at the same time have an element of story in it. This was a bit more upbeat than the brand video so that the client could effectively use it during the conversion process on their website.

Product images

We also photographed and edited all product images for their website. The idea was to place the product in its “natural environment”. To make the website more dynamic, we also made moving images. In addition, we also took isolated product images.