We are bold ideas.

Only by representing a strong brand ourselves can we help others build strong brands. That was our mindset going into the project of redefining our own brand. We wanted to leave our old brand, that was created in a rush during the early days of our business with not too much care.

This time we started from the roots by defining our values. We wanted to create a brand that has a personality and intuitively creates a sense of what values we can bring to the table. Our brand stands for modern and innovative solutions, it should feel young and powerful. Simply put, a brand to remember.


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Brand Reveal video
  • Brand Promo video
  • Brand Reveal teaser videos
  • Newsletter redesign
  • Design of print and marketing materials
  • Photography

Not just a new logo and website

A brand is so much more than a logo and a website. Using the brand you define all contact points between the company and the consumer. The purpose is to create a unified sense and feel for the company. The core principles of this we have defined in our Brand Guidelines, a document that works like a rule book for how the different components of our brand should be utilised. In this process we designed a new website, stationary, print designs etc.

Brand reveal

We love to communicate using video, so it was a clear choice from the beginning that our reveal of the brand should happen in a video. During the weeks leading up to the new brand launch we published three teasers. In the teasers we explained the background to our project and the current process. The purpose of this was to create valuable content that generated genuine interest for the brand launch over a somewhat longer period of time.

The brand reveal video itself is a quite short video which goals where to create brand awareness in social media. After a short glimpse of some behind the scenes from our creative process the logo and website is presented in an energetic and powerful video.

Brand Promo

Alongside the Brand Reveal we also created a promo video. That is a slightly longer video with voice over in this case. The purpose was to convey our brands new values. The high energy in the video guides the viewer through our brand’s ideas and the kinds of services we offer. The goal was to deliver the message in a powerful and impactful way to make the video worth remembering.

Images for visual communication

An important conctact point for any brand is the visual communication that is carried out by images. For these we created a consistent theme and color grade. We also took some new portrait and created an image library for future use on website and in social media.