made easy

We know that the need for video production comes in many shapes and forms. So we want to offer a simple process for those who are interested in our services, that works no matter what your needs are.

We meet and talk through your needs and goals. Then we create and idea together that we will make reality. The meeting is free of charge and usually lasts 15-45 minutes depending on how big your project is and how detailed your ideas already are.

After the meeting we create a plan for the production. This plan includes the production budget.

When you agree to the terms in the creative brief we will start production and schedule time and place for recording.

After the production is finished we will start editing the footage. With a feedback service we provide you and anyone else involved with the project can leave feedback.

When you are satisfied we will deliver the videos according to your specifications.

Things to have in mind before we meet


What are your goals?

One of the most important things we need to know. What do you want to accomplish with the videos we create?

What is your target audience?

We adapt the whole production so reach your target audience as best as possible. What ages and interests do your audience have? If you already have a predefined audience that is great.

How should we deliver your message?

We can change how the video looks and feels to better suit your message. Should it be warm and cozy or modern and energetic?

Do you have a timeframe and budget we need to consider?

Practically, how long is it before you need the delivery and how much can it cost?

Ready to meet us?

Contact us to book a creative meeting. Use the form or email directly to