About Us.

We tell stories all the time through video, but this is our own story.

We are Toginta.

Toginta Productions is an independent post-production company based in Sweden. Our team of experienced editors and artists have worked with commercials, short films, visual effects, music videos, vlogs and a lot more. Our goal is to provide affordable post-production solutions and we shape our services according to your needs. Our team work in industry leading software and together we produce story driven content that engage your audience.

Our team also produce video locally and can provide video production consultation. If you are interested in producing a video from start to finish with us, please contact us so we can discuss the details.

Our team

Sound Design.

We provide first class audio experiences to your videos. Out team does audio post-production as great as we do video. We have several years of experience with audio-post and can provide services like sound design, mixing, mastering, surround editing, advanced audio processing and a lot more.

We see the value in great audio combined with your video and never cheap out on great audio-post practices whenever we work with you.

Color Correction.

Today's cameras can capture stunning imagery. But it's nothing worth if the colors are completely off. Our team can do color correction and color grading to make your videos really pop in front of your audience.

In the coloring process we correct all the footage and adjust it to the proper color-space and then we play with the colors in what's called grading to make the video look like a visual masterpiece. Contact us today for a chat with our colorists.

Visual Effects

Once upon a time, visual effects was a privilege to the biggest studios in Hollywood. No more. Today we offer an affordable way to add hollywood-grade visual effects to your videos. We use new and more modern technology to keep costs for you at a minimum.

Have you ever wanted to blow something up, have an attack helicopter land on your backyard or do some sick magical trick? Visual effects can bring your production value up to a completely new level. Talk to some of our experienced VFX Editors to see what we can do for you.

Video Production

Our team is also experienced with everything from putting pen to paper during pre-production to maneuver a multi-cam setup on a film shoot. With all this expertise we can provide consultation on video production for you.

We are based in the middle of Sweden and can do various jobs locally. We have experience with shooting everything from documentaries to short films. Contact us to see what video production services we can provide to you.

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